Tourist Places

Barmer city historical , religious, scenic tourist spot


Kiradu Temple


Located at a distance of 35 km from Barmer, there is a series of temples which are well-known by the name of Kiradu temples. Someshwara temple is the best among them with architecture inspired by the Solanki dynasty.

The place was previously known as Kiradkot and was under the rule of Kirad clan of Rajputs. The Kirad Rajputs ruled the place from the 6th century to the 8th century.


Vankal Mata Temple

Vankal Mata temple is a famous temple of Barmer where Goddess Vankal is worshipped. It is located at a 675-feet high hill-top in the western part of Barmer. The view of the mountain ranges, plains and valleys is beautiful from this spot.


Shri Parshwanath Jain temple


Renovated in the 15th century, the Lord Parshvanath temple was previously the temple of Lord Mahavira. In 1373 AD, 120 idols of Lord Mahavira were brought from Kalidrah and were placed in this temple. The temple is located at a distance of around 13 km from Balotra and is famous for its religious faith. There is a ‘dharamshaala’ within the temple premises for the outsiders to stay and has wonderful lodging services for the travellers’ convenience. 


Shiva Mahadev temple Mundi


In the western part of Barmer, there is a famous ancient Lord Shiva temple which is a religious site. The temple is located at the hill-top and the view of the city is panoramic from this spot. The place is a famous tourist spot and devotees from all across India visit the place to take blessings from Lord Shiva.


Mahabar Sand Dunes


Mahabar Sand Dunes are located 5 km from the main city of Barmer. It is a sandy place and is very famous among the tourists because the view of sunrise and sunset is worth a watch from this place. Camel rides are most popular in this area and the whole region is surrounded by sandy hills.