Location & Area

Barmer district is situated in the western part of the state of Rajasthan forming a part of the Thar desert. It is the third largest district of Rajasthan and the fifth largest district in India. The district’s headquarters is Barmer city. Other major towns of the district are Guda, Baytoo, Malani, Balotra, Jasol, Siwana and Chohatan.

In ancient times, the place was known by the name of Mallinath.

Mallinath was Rao Salkha’s son and was worshipped by the Rajputs. In 18th Century, British rulers adopted the name ‘Barmer’ for the region. The name Barmer was derived from the ruler Bahad Rao Parmar in the 13th century. 

Barmer District Location

                                            Barmer is located in western Rajasthan, with Jaisalmer to its North, Jalore on its South, Pali and Jodhpur to its East and Pakistan to its West. The Thar Desert comprises portions of Barmer.

Barmer District Climate

                                   Since the district is very close to the Thar desert, it has a dry and hot climate throughout the year. The summers are too hot while the winters are too cold. The area doesn’t experience much of rainfall annually.  The maximum temperature which has been recorded for the region is 51°C and the minimum observed temperature is below 0°C. 


Barmer District Details
District Barmer
Headquater Barmer
Area (km2) 28,387
Population(2011) 2,603,751
Division Jodhpur
Official Website  barmer.rajasthan.gov.in


Transportation in Barmer District

                                                  The Barmer Railway station is well connected to the city of Jodhpur by meter gauge trains and from Jodhpur there is well connectivity to other major cities. Barmer is well connected to other cities of Rajasthan by road. Regular buses and taxis are available to the region from all the major cities of the state. Nearest Civil Airport is Jodhpur and located at a distance of 220 Km from Barmer.


Important Places In Barmer District

                                                 There are a number of attractions in Barmer district like Chintamani Parshwanath Jain Temple, Asotra, Batada Kua, Brahma Temple, Jogmaya Temple, Mahabar Dunes, Surya Mandir Temple, Kher Temple, Viratra Mata Mandir, Kiradu, Nakora, Nimbari, Garib, Pipa Mandir and Bhimgoda.


Area Served by Per Medical Institution (Sq. Km.) (Annual Progress Report- DMHS) 39
No. of Electrified villages (Annual Progress Report- RVVN) 1833
No. of Villages with drinking water facilities (Annual Progress Report- PHED) 1933
Road (PWD) length in km. (Annual Progress Report- PWD) 9533
Per Capita Net District Domestic Product 2009-10
At current prices (Rs.) 26391
At Constant (2004-05) Prices (Rs.) 17993
Land Use (Agricultural Statistics of Rajasthan- DES) 2010-11
Average land holding (Hect.) (Census of Agriculture)​​ 7.98
% of Forest area to reporting area 1.14
% of Net Irrigated Area to Net Area Sown 9.19
% of Gross Irrigated Area to Gross Area Sown​ 12.85