Development Activities

12th  Proposed Five Year plan (Servey is in process)

Main Objectives

                         The objective of this planning is to set up electrication network and provide electricity  to those BPL families, APL families  and villagers whose population is under 100 and the same was not covered under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana” (RGGVY)  in the 11th Five Year Plan.

R.E.C. PDCAL company is doing the survey fot this planning. The company has completed survey work in all the blocks of barmer district. 45 thousand BPL families will be benefitied by the survery of this planning.



Electrification status of BPL families of district


S.No. Description Count
1. Total BPL families according to the BPL sensex survery of date 24-06-2014 1,31,003
2. Electrication of BPL families before this planning 8000
3. BPL families benefited in 11th Five year plan 62267
4. Total electrified BPL families 70267
5. Remaining BPL families 60736
6. Proposed BPL families involved in 12th five year plan survey 45000
7. Remaining BPL families which comes under below 100 population villages and haven’t been covered in this proposed planning 15736



Status of Villages Electrification


S.No. Particulars Counts
1. Total Number of villages as per census 2001 1993
2. Total no. of villages electrified before XIth plan RGGVY 1264
3. Village electrified in REDA 1
4. Villages electrified under XIth plan RGGVY 646
5. Total(2+3+4) 1911
6. Balance un electrified villages(1-5) 22


                    Note: Balance villages are under DNP(Desert National Park) and mining area.